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Approved MOT test centre

Looking for a reliable and approved MOT test centre to complete your annual MOT test? Auto-Mix-Repair in Shavington should be your first choice. An MOT is an essential test that keeps you safe on the roads and keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Our mechanics understand the dread that drivers experience during the run-up to their MOT test, with the discovery of unknown faults and the need to repair such faults can all add up. The MOT test can become an expensive time for drivers, but that’s why we are here to offer a helping hand and support to get you on the road again.

Personalised advice

As an experienced and trusted garage found on Newcastle Road, our team pride themselves on their high level of customer service. Ensuring that you pass your annual MOT test and any faults that could fail your test have been completed to keep you on the road. The MOT test is designed to maintain the condition of your vehicle but making sure that you have chosen a reliable garage to complete your test in is also essential in keeping you safe. At our approved test centre, we can conduct either testing or repairing your vehicle. Making sure every car no matter the make and model, gets the treatment it deserves.

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Thorough inspections

The annual MOT test is a test enforced to check the condition of your vehicle, making sure that each checkpoint meets the set standard, helping to deem your vehicle as safe. During the MOT, checks will be conducted to ensure that you, other road users and the environment are not harmed or potentially dangered due to the condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle is over the age of three an annual MOT test is mandatory. Our team will inspect several vital parts of your vehicle, these include the lights, brakes, steering, seat belts, the vehicles exhaust emissions and much more.

Repairs you can rely on

If you fail your MOT test first time at our garage, our team will work quickly and efficiently to restore the condition of your vehicle before conducting a free MOT resit. We will use authentic and genuine used repair parts, depending on your finance, to get you back on the road safely but as soon as possible. Our team can make sure that your vehicle remains safe on the road for the year ahead and that your safety and that of the other road users is not jeopardised.

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If you want to book your vehicle in for a MOT test or reliable MOT preparation, head down to our garage in Newcastle Road. Helping to keep your vehicle running smoothly and you safe on the roads for the year ahead during your annual MOT test. Book an appointment at Auto-Mix Repair, a trusted and experienced garage. Our team work effectively to test the condition of your vehicle. To book an MOT with Auto-Mix-Repair, use our quick, easy and free online booking tool.

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